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Amber Maslen Canoe Slalom

If I can come out of a race knowing that I gave 100% effort and was true to my core values, then I am happy, no matter what the outcome.

About me

I love the water more than anything else. Since I was little I've done all sorts of water sports: surfing, swimming, sailing, you name it. But something about canoe slalom really captured me. I think it's partly feeling the whitewater grab your boat, learning to harness those features and express myself in my style. But I also think that the 'family' of canoe slalom is completely addictive. There are more than fifty countries who take part in the sport. It doesn't pay anything like football or tennis. But every single one of us know we are there because we love it. I know I can train the hardest, and endure the roughest conditions. I think we all trust each other to push to our absolute limits when it matters the most.


Amber Maslen


Canoe Slalom




4 X U23 Scottish champion
Paul McConcky Memorial Cup winner 2015
Bratislava open race bronze medalist 2015

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